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Ongoing SickRage Dispute Descends into Trademark War

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Ongoing SickRage Dispute Descends into Trademark War

Postby MrFredPFL » Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:50 am

Story :

SickRage is a successful fork of Sick Beard, a piece of software designed to monitor torrent and Usenet platforms for the latest TV shows, download them, and add them to a user's library. A DMCA notice from another fork took SickRage down temporarily in 2017 but now the architect of that complaint is back for a second bite after registering SickRage as a trademark.

With file-sharers manually acquiring increasingly large libraries of content, several years ago it became clear that software to automate the process would prove popular with the masses.

One such tool was Sick Beard, a PVR-like piece of software that was able to utilize Usenet providers, indexers, and TheTVDB to identify airing dates for TV shows and automatically download whenever they became available online. It would then add the content to a user’s library ready for viewing.

Like many successful open projects, Sick Beard later found itself ‘forked’, with developers breathing life into SickRage, a GNU General Public Licensed tool that took Sick Beard’s dreams and ran with them. With improved Usenet and torrent support plus a whole raft of new features, SickRage gained an impressive following.

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