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Cox Pays Substantial Settlement to End ‘Repeat Infringer’ Piracy Lawsuit

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Cox Pays Substantial Settlement to End ‘Repeat Infringer’ Piracy Lawsuit

Postby MrFredPFL » Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:13 pm

Story :

Internet provider Cox Communications has agreed to pay an undisclosed but substantial settlement to music publisher BMG. The companies were scheduled to go to trial this week but the case is now dismissed. BMG is "extremely happy" with the outcome and says it won't hesitate to take action against other ISPs, if needed.

This week would mark the start of the new trial but this can be scrapped, as both parties have chosen to settle the matter out of court instead.

Cox agreed to pay an undisclosed settlement amount to BMG. While the scale of the settlement remains undisclosed the music rights group notes that it is “extremely happy” with the “substantial settlement.”

In the initial case, Cox was ordered to pay $25 million plus $8.5 million in costs. It would make sense that the settlement amount is lower than that, but it’s likely still in the millions.

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