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Legal Blackmail: Zero Cases Brought Against Alleged Pirates in Sweden

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Legal Blackmail: Zero Cases Brought Against Alleged Pirates in Sweden

Postby MrFredPFL » Fri May 25, 2018 1:10 pm

Story :

Since 2017, tens of thousands of alleged file-sharers in Sweden have received threatening letters demanding cash settlements to make a supposed lawsuit go away. Yet an investigation carried out by Sweden's SVT has failed to unearth a single instance where a claim has resulted in a conviction for so-called copyright trolls. "Legal blackmail," says a professor of law at Stockholm University.

While several countries in Europe have wilted under sustained pressure from copyright trolls for more than ten years, Sweden managed to avoid their controversial attacks until fairly recently.

With Germany a decade-old pit of misery, with many hundreds of thousands of letters – by now probably millions – sent out to Internet users demanding cash, Sweden avoided the ranks of its European partners until two years ago

In September 2016 it was revealed that an organization calling itself Spridningskollen (Distribution Check) headed up by law firm Gothia Law, would begin targeting the public.

the courts should have put a stop to this long ago. people apply for court orders to get subscriber info, but they never take anyone to court - which was the basis for the court order being granted to begin with.

by not actually going to trial, the people behind this extortion are able to keep all their methods from being examined by the public, and it's no secret that the methods used by these scammers are anything but reliable. yet the courts continue to allow this abuse of the legal system to go on unchecked.

will any of the courts around the world EVER do the right thing and put an end to this farce?

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