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Pirate Bay Ruling is Bad News For Google & YouTube, Experts Says

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Pirate Bay Ruling is Bad News For Google & YouTube, Experts Says

Postby MrFredPFL » Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:58 am

Story :

The European Court of Justice handed down a ruling against The Pirate Bay yesterday, one which could have implications far beyond the torrent site. Platforms such as Google and YouTube, which play an active role in the way content is presented, could be seriously affected, experts warn.

“Whilst it accepts that the works in question are placed online by the users, the Court highlights the fact that the operators of the platform play an essential role in making those works available,” the Court said.

The conclusion that the decision is bad for platforms like YouTube is shared by Fulvia Sarzana, a lawyer with Sarzana and Partners, a law firm specializing in Internet and copyright disputes.

“In the ruling, the Court has in fact attributed, for the first time, secondary liability to sharing platforms due to the violation of copyrights carried out by the users of a platform,” Sarzana informs TF.

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