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Foxtel Targets 17 Piracy Sites In Federal Court

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Foxtel Targets 17 Piracy Sites In Federal Court

Postby sunnyd » Fri Jun 02, 2017 2:10 pm

Story :

Pay TV provider Foxtel is seeking an order for internet service providers (ISPs) to block another series of alleged foreign copyright-infringing websites through the Federal Court of Australia following its success last year in blocking The Pirate Bay.

During a case management hearing in the Federal Court on Friday morning, Foxtel said it is targeting 17 websites with 127 URLs, or five different types of piracy-infringing sites, although it "will be doing a tidy up of the application" closer to trial date to cover any proxy sites that have cropped up or changed names and URLs, for instance.

Justice Burley said Foxtel will need to provide an exhaustive list of the target online locations, and will still have to prove the essential elements of copyright infringement; that the ISPs provide access to those sites; and that Foxtel has ownership over the copyright content being infringed.

"It can't be assumed that it will simply be accepted that copyright ownership is there," Burley J said, adding that Foxtel needs to establish all of this in a pleading.

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