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72% Of Internet Users Think ISP Warning Letters Are Useless

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72% Of Internet Users Think ISP Warning Letters Are Useless

Postby sunnyd » Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:48 pm

Story :

Starting in January, British ISPs started sending suspected infringing users warning letters. Made to deter and educate users on the consequences of piracy, the Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme (VCAP) forms part of the Creative Content UK initiative (CCUK.) BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, and Sky Broadband voluntarily supported the VCAP. Users didn’t have to worry about strict punishments; the letters simply served as an educational warning. Yet, does the VCAP actually work? Probably not, according to a new survey.

The Broadband Genie, skeptical of the VCAP’s effectiveness, conducted a survey to see what most Brits thought. The broadband comparison site asked 2,047 people about the VCAP initiative and piracy in general. The first question asked ...

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