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Sinde Law Piracy Battle Headed To Spanish Supreme Court, With Global Implications

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Sinde Law Piracy Battle Headed To Spanish Supreme Court, With Global Implications

Postby sunnyd » Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:37 pm

Story :

The lines have long been drawn here; it was just a question of time before the epic legal battle over online piracy kicked off. Spain's Supreme Court this week agreed to test how much oversight power a government should have over the Internet when it targets illegal downloading of copyrighted content. The judiciary's decision, whichever side they come down on, will have a profound impact nationally and will resonate globally.

The court Wednesday announced it would consider an appeal lodged by an association of Internet users that argues that the recently approved code to enforce the country's antipiracy law - best known as Sinde Law - is unconstitutional.

The appeal also requested an injunction of the codes, which will be enforced starting March 1. The Supreme Court gave the government 10 days to address the request. Regardless of the injunction, any move to shut down web pages will eventually be conditioned by the court's ruling.

The Association of Web Users argues that the codes violate Spanish law that gives the exclusive right to shut down websites for copyright violation to courts. Furthermore, it says the new rulebook is "imprecise and creates significant legal uncertainty that endangers basic liberties of expression and information," echoing legal challenges to antipiracy legislation in other countries.

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