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Slyck's Guide To eDonkey2k
eDonkey2k Intro
Since its conception in September 2000, the eDonkey2000 network has become one of the largest P2P communities. eDonkey2000 has distinguished itself from other P2P communities by being a resourceful network for movies, videos, ISO's and full albums. When it comes to ISO's and movies, this network rivals the resourcefulness of IRC or Newsgroups. When used in conjunction with verified link sites, just about any file one could want is within reach.
Although the eDonkey2000 network is centralized, the developers of this powerful community, MetaMachine, played their cards right. Unlike Napster who kept their central servers in Silicon Valley, MetaMachine released their server software into the wild. While MetaMachine develops the technology, it's up to the community to maintain the network.
Unlike most other P2P applications, the eDonkey clients require a bit of maintenance. While both clients come with a serverlist, servers often go offline, or new servers are established. In order to take full advantage of this network, you should maintain your server list, preferably on a weekly to bi-monthly basis. You can download a new server.met file from these sites. Once downloaded, install it to your eDonkey/eMule directory. - Frequently updated list. - German eDonkey site.
OCB Maurice - Great site with stats and more. - Good eDonkey resource.
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