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Dictionary Entry - HighID
A high ID means the port chosen in Preferences -> Connections (default 4662) is open and freely accessible.

Whereas a low ID means this port is blocked or cannot be reached. This can be caused by firewalls, routers or proxy servers.
Having a low ID does not mean that no up- or download is possible but has several disadvantages:

- No IP is known of the machine eMule is running on therefore all requests like queue or connection requests to this client have to be routed over the server, the low ID client is connected to. This routing causes considerable amount of CPU load on the server thus reducing the maximum number of users the server can cope with. Lugdunum's servers limit the number low ID users or even ban them at all.

- Two clients on low ID cannot connect to each other, as it is not possible to route messages over two different servers. This will lead to less sources for the downloads

- On busy servers it may well happen that the messages gets lost and eMule misses important information about queue progression or download requests. This may lead to fewer credits and worse downloads.
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Dictionary Entry - HighID

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