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Dictionary Entry - ntx
The Neutralized-Transport Experiment, or NTX, will address many key scientific issues of final focus and neutralized transport in a fusion chamber. Numerical simulations indicate that the focal spot of a beam on a fusion target is sensitive to aberrations in the final magnetic lenses, the velocity spread within a beam, charge-neutralization processes in the chamber, and in particular, the beam perveance, loosely defined as the ratio of the edge potential of a beam to its kinetic energy. In NTX, a low-voltage and low-current beam with an adjustable perveance will be used to test final-focus optics and charge neutralization physics, providing the first experimental validation of the computer codes and significantly enhancing the science base for later final-focus designs. The parameters of the experiment are chosen to ensure that physics observed on NTX will model a full-scale transport system as accurately as possible.
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Dictionary Entry - ntx

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