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Slyck's Guide To alt.binz
alt.binz How To Use
Most of alt.binz's options are accessible by clicking the "Setup" icon on the main tool bar (see Figure 2). There are three major issues we're going to address on this page: setting up your download folder, associating NZB files, and entering your news server account information. We'll start by setting up the download folder.
The Options Window
Figure 2: Clicking the "Setup" Icon...
The main options window is where you can really get to the innards of alt.binz. There are tons of different options, but luckily alt.binz is almost ready to roll right out of the box. You can navigate the various option windows by the clicking on Download|NZB|Servers|Log|Connection| and so on, located on the left (see Figure 3).

The Download Folder
Figure 3: The Download Folder...
The Download options window is where you can view, edit, or change your download folder. alt.binz already has a default folder set up, but this can be easily changed. By default, alt.binz creates separate download subfolders for different newsgroups - we suggest you leave this feature enabled for now

Associating NZB Files
Figure 4: NZB Options...
The NZB option manages how alt.binz interacts with NZB files. The only thing you really need to change here is to click "Register NZB extensions..." so NZB files automatically import to alt.binz.

Entering Your News Server Account Info
Figure 5: Server Options...
In order to connect to Red Orb News, you'll need three key pieces of information that were provided to you via email when you signed up for the service: 1) the server address, 2) your unique username, and 3) your unique password. Enter your information as shown here, click apply, then click OK, and you should be good to go. Don't forget to enter the number of connections that comes with your account.

alt.binz in Action
Figure 6: alt.binz Downloading Messages...
alt.binz is very streamlined when it comes to downloading from the newsgroups. With the benefit of an NZB file, you won't have to worry about downloading the correct number of PAR2 files - alt.binz does this automatically. Once you select the NZB file you want, alt.binz will download the small PAR2 file along with the rest of the files you want. Once the archive is finished downloading, it will determine if more PAR2 files are required and download as necessary. As we can see from Figure 6, the archive is queued up and downloading. Once the archive is finished downloading, alt.binz will reassemble the archive.
At this point, you may be asking, "That's it? What about managing the download, what about reassembling the archive, what about error checking?!" That's the beauty of alt.binz - quick, efficient binary downloading. Once the download is finished, click on the "Download" icon on the toolbar, which directs to the download folder and to your reassembled file.

alt.binz: Final Thoughts
As a pure binary news reader, alt.binz is designed for all kinds of computer users. If the newsgroups seemed like a foreboding place, alt.binz is a great place to start. There are only a few minor learning curves associated with this application, and if you're just joining the newsgroups, the transition should be seamless.
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