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Slyck's Guide To Agent
Agent Intro And Installation
If you don't know what the newsgroups are, click here to see Slyck's Guide to The Newsgroups. Agent is easy to use for the beginner and has advanced features once you get to know your way around. It is crucial to set up agent carefully in order to efficiently take advantage of the binary newsgroups (the newsgroups that contain binary files encoded in the messages). Please follow the installation and setup instructions carefully! The problems people most frequently encounter are usually caused by improper setup. Once you are up and going you will find the newsgroups rich with music, movies, games, programs, video clips, multimedia, and everything else you could possibly want!
Agent Info
Current Version
More Info
After downloading the latest version, install it in a standard manner. When you run the program for the first time, you will be asked for your news server name. If you do not know the name of your news server, or you do not have news server access click here to go to Slyck's Guide to News Servers. Then remember to come here and finish the setup so Agent will work properly.
1. Enter news server name - If you do not know the name of your news server, or you do not have news server access click here to go to Slyck's Guide to News Servers. The other fields here are all optional and can all be left blank unless you plan on posting messages or files using Agent. If you do, consider entering information that is obviously false, never put in your actual email address or name. When you are ready click OK and an alert will pop up asking if you want to go online now and retrieve a list of newsgroups.

If the news server you are using requires you to log on with a user name and password, then you must click No and enter them first following the directions below. Otherwise click Yes and Agent will connect to the news server and download the list of all the newsgroups carried by it.

News server require a user name and password? - Click on Options choice on the top menu bar then choose General Preferences Click the News Server option near the top of the Properties area.
Enter the username and password to access your news server - If you subscribed to a news server check the e-mail they sent you, that's usually where you'll find the info. We recommend you check off Remember password between sessions and enter your password unless you want to enter it each time it connects.

Since you bypassed getting the list of newsgroups, you'll have to do it manually. Click the Online option in the top menu bar. Then choose Refresh Groups List... and click OK when the dialog box comes up. You should see this on the bottom left corner of the Agent window:
Go back to the General Preferences window and click on Message Sorting in the Navigation and Sorting section in the Properties area. Set the sorting options to what you see on the left. This is very important to avoid having to avoid sorting a newsgroup the first time you visit it.
Now click Group on the top menu bar and select option Default Properties. There are a few more critical options that must be set.
Retrieving Messages section:
1. Click Get all headers - this will stop an annoying dialog from popping up every time you enter a newsgroup.

Receiving Files section:
2. Click Save attachments automatically - this will save lots of confusion when the news reader downloads the message but doesn't save it til you do it manually.

3. Click After saving an attachment, remove it from the message - this is perhaps the most important setting to make! Without checking this and without changing the purging options Agent will keep a copy of the messages that contain the files you download and can add up to 100's of Gigabytes and consume your hard drive.

4. Click When launching an attachment, first save it as a file - this will help ensure that the file is saved before a malfunction can eliminate it.

Attachment Folders section:
5. Choose a download directory - This is the second option that causes terrible headaches. If you do not select a directory that already exists, Agent will not save any of the files it decodes. The safest thing to do is to use the Browse button next to these options to choose the directory.

It has takes some effort but Agent should now be properly set up and ready to go!
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