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Newsgroups Ubuntu (Linux) Guide
(adapted from this guide in our forums - Thanks LANjackal)
In this guide we'll be setting up everything we need to successfully use the newsgroups on an Ubuntu installed Linux box. Our starting point will be a fresh install of Ubuntu 8.0.4:

Fresh Ubuntu Install
Step 1 - Install/Configure Newsreader - Download Files
Head over to the Synaptic Package Manager and install Klibido. If you plan on using the newsgroups for more than downloading, you may want to install the more full featured Pan newsreader instead, but for our purposes Klibido does a fine job. The Synaptic Package Manager will probably want to install some dependency packages as well, make sure you let it!
Make sure you set your download directory so you know where stuff winds up. BTW: you do this for every new file sharing program you use right? k, just making sure you're not a loser newb or something: 'i downloaded it, but i have no idea where it went?' is so played out and annoying.
Klibido runs the Preferences setup on first load
Klibido will say it can't find the files in your database that it hasn't created yet (can't the programmers put in a first run exception? is it that hard??) - you should dutifully click yes to recreate them - NOW.
Click Server on top of the now open Klibido program window (maximize the program if it started small as hell like mine did) and then click New Server... to reach the add server screen. Guess what you do here? You add your server details (duh!). At this point I certainly hope you've read through the rest of this guide already and know what a server is and why you need a really good one. If not, no problem. Go here and find out what a server is and why you need one.
Now you have your newsreader all set and ready to go. WooHoo! Now go find an NZB file to begin downloading from the newsgroups. Here is where Klibido (and Pan) are lacking compared to Windows readers -- the program cannot be launched using the nzb file and automatically start downloading. So what you have to do is save the NZB file (try using your download directory) and then load it into your news reader once you load it. Click on File then Download .nzb in Klibido or Import NZB Files... in Pan. Once the NZB is loaded, the news reader gets to work and downloads all the files in the archive:
Klibido downloading an NZB set
Step 2 - Install PyPar (PAR/PAR2 Utility) - Check Archive for errors
Back to Synaptic Package Manager we go, this time to install PyPar2. When you select it, it will alert you to install the par2 package if you haven't already done so, this is necessary. Run PyPar2 by going to Applications then Other to find PyPar2. After it loads, select the par2 file for the archive:
PyPar2 load par2 file window
Then let 'er rip:
PyPar2 checking files
After PyPar2 has finished performing it's magic, you will have a complete archive set, and you're ready to put it all together in the next step.
Step 3 - Install rar (Rar Utility) - Restore archive to original state
Back to (guess where?) Synaptic Package Manager we go, this time to install rar. rar is a simple install (no dependencies). After you have installed it browse to your download folder (you remember that folder right?) and right click on the beginning rar file and select Extract Here to restore the archive:
Restoring a rar archive
After it finishes you will have in your directory the archive as it was originally (you may want to now delete all the par and rar files). The world is yours! have fun.
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