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Slyck's Guide To The Usenet Newsgroups
Newsgroup Tips

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Below are some tips for other things that pop up while using the newsgroups.
The key to understanding the newsgroups is to read this guide thoroughly. The more careful you are in reading and understanding, the easier it will be to piece together the three major components that make the newsgroups work. Do you remember what they are? Of course you do! You need a good news server, a good news reader like alt.binz, and NZB files.
Don't be discouraged. Sometimes it takes a bit of getting used to, especially putting an archive back together. Remember, alt.binz can't reassemble a post-WinRAR 3.0 archive, so you'll have to do that manually.
Files with .001, .002, .003, etc. Extensions
Be careful with these files, as there are AT LEAST two major formats that use this naming system. One we covered already, WinRAR. Some people prefer to set up their rar archives to be named as .001, .002, etc. If you try to open the .001 extension in WinRAR and it doesn't work, you have yourself an Split archive which you should use HJSplit for (

Special thanks to johngalt who contributed this:


The fact that it has the file type right there to me suggests that a different utility was used to create the files - they are not archived and split, they are just split directly - in other words, someone used a file splitting utility (My personal favorite is HJSplit Pro) to split {filename}.ISO into these smaller parts to post to the NGs.

HJSplit contains routines to both split *and* join split files - and is pretty automatic - just navigate to the folder where the files are, it will list all the .001 files, and click on it, click start, and away you go.

Finally, for the RAR'd files with .001 to ... .xyz extensions you can set up WinRAR to be the application that opens with them as well, but you have to be *extremely* careful in that you don't try to extract a non WinRAR compatible file that was split with HJSplit, and vice versa.

The key is the filename -0 split files have 3 part file name - {filename}, original extension (in your case ISO) and finally the enumerated extension.

If the files were created with WinRAR, they can be extracted by opening winrar and browsing to and selecting the .001 file and using the "extract" menu selection. You will have to select a destination folder for the extracted file.
Useful Websites - An awesome search engine to find what you are looking for and what newsgroup it is in. - Another search/index site with nzb downloading, this service requires a small subscription fee for access to search all but a few newsgroups. - An indexing site that is script driven and open source. You can also get free nzb files that it creates automatically for you.

newzBin - A good binary newsgroup indexing site.

NFONews - Another good binary newsgroup indexing site.

BinSearch - Another good binary newsgroup indexing site.

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