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Premium News Servers
Choosing a good premium news server is perhaps the most important decision you'll make as you venture into the newsgroups. Some servers are downright cheap, some are even free. But like all things in life, you get what you pay for. Pay too little and you'll be disappointed in the server's performance. Downloads might be slow, and worse yet, files might be incomplete. Cheap newsgroup access is a sure way to lead to disappointment.

By spending a bit more, you'll ensure that two very important features are of optimal quality: speed and retention. The newsgroups are only as fast and complete as the servers you pay for. By charging a bit more, newsgroup companies invest in high capacity servers and fast internet connections to ensure that the files you want are complete and are delivered quickly. While most news server companies out there are very reliable and professional, many shady companies still exist. Our list of recommended servers consists of newsgroup providers that are ALL KNOWN to deliver reliable and professional results.
Slyck Recommends
Slyck Recommends
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Unlimited - 1Mbits Speed Limit
Unlimited Download and Speed
Unlimited Download and Speed
25 Gig block
180 Gig block
- SSL available on all plans
- Discounts on Quarterly purchases
- Has block accounts
- 20 Connections on monthly accounts
- 50 Connections on block accounts
added by zarathustra2k1
986 days now - & that\'s a \'true\' 986, not like some providers that have incompletes galore when you go over 300-400 days. I\'m pulling 900+ day data & it\'s still 100% fine.

1 - Why ...
added by zarathustra2k1
Unlimited data, 715 days retention, SSL, US & EU Server farms & 99% completion for $11? Yes please!

Why anyone would still be paying $30 to Giga is beyond me... ...
added by videocheez
I bought a 180GB block for $25 via Paypal. This works great for me since I don\'t need to download everyday and when I want to download somethings that aren\'t available via bittorent or IRC I know I ...
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